Control of power

I have a 5-year-old daughter. Like every kid, sometimes she's very annoying. Whenever the little cat was too busy to make arrangements, I had to offer a ransom card: "If you're good, we'll buy gifts at the weekend".

Effective "sugar". My child immediately tried to "be good", so that he could get his favorite gift at the weekend.

If you've ever been a parent, be honest, do you "bribe" your children to follow what you want? If your child gets good test results, parents will reward one or the other. Many acquaintances I admit have used this saying.

This is not a good example of education. I know it, that using the parents' advantage: having money to buy gifts, having the right to take children out of the house, to the store, the right to give to the children of their choice, or even the right to withdraw that promise ... It can all spoil children, causing them to use their weapons more often; "corrupt" the parents themselves who have the guardianship with the child.

However, by nature, this way of education is not far from the phenomenon we still call "abuse of power" and "bribe of priority". It is not just happening in every house.

Numerous studies have shown that "corruption" is a characteristic of humans and appeared early in human history. Many scholars agree that corruption was the reason for the destruction of the Roman empire. Professor Ramsay Mcmullen, author of "Corruption and the fall of the Roman Empire" also said that moral education is only secondary to reducing corruption, limiting the abuse of power to profit. personal.

Statements about the will against degeneration and degradation in the Party are constantly being issued by the leaders. The fact that high-ranking officials are disciplined, many in the power enforcement and control apparatus arrested for allegedly abusing their positions and powers can be an example to prove this will.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: "This earth is enough to satisfy everyone's needs, but not enough to satisfy their greed." Power does not lead to greed. On the contrary, it is the greed of money and material that leads people to squeeze to reach power. The greater the power, the greater the temptation, and then the greed leads to the act of abusing power for personal gain.

Therefore, I think that the Party Central Committee's Secretariat requires each individual cadre and Party member to "publicize their commitment to training, preserving moral qualities, lifestyles and not regressing" to go. coupled with continuing to build a transparent legal environment. The lack of transparency and lack of control is the ideal environment for corruption to reproduce.

We have the 2005 Anti-Corruption Law and the provisions of the current Criminal Code. However, this mechanism is still inadequate. For example, the Anti-Corruption Law does not apply to the non-state sector.

Moreover, the issue of law enforcement is completely a different story. The denunciation of corruption, even though the law stipulates that the whistleblower is "protected from the law", in fact it is still a general principle and there is no specific mechanism to protect whistleblowers. Therefore, many people accuse of becoming victims of retaliation, fraud, harassment. The 2013 Global Corruption Barometer survey shows that in Vietnam “only 38% of respondents are willing to denounce corruption, 51% of people are afraid that denouncing corruption will not change anything and 28 % are afraid to suffer the consequences ”.

In the fight against abuse of power and corruption, the control role of the people is essential. It can be effective when comes with two elements: transparency in management and freedom of association guaranteed. If the Law on Access to Information has been enacted, we are still waiting for the Law on Association to be born.

So long as we do not have a reasonable mechanism to control the power of the leader and effectively exercise this right, we still have to accept that corruption will be a part of our lives, just like the Parents still have to "bribe" their children to escape quickly from stressful hours.

In either case, whether it is a part of life or a solution to change, it is we who choose.

Le Thi Thien Huong