Drink water rags

When I was teaching in Japan, I learned two ways to motivate learners. One is to help them create intrinsic motivation; The second is to create extrinsic motivation.

Motivating from the inside is to help students find what they love and want to learn it. Because when I investigate and discover what I like, the amount of dopamine in the body increases. It helps me to feel excited about the subject, and also helps me to remember quickly and enjoy learning more. Dopamine makes me passionate.

Neurochemistry says that passion is dopamine, which stimulates the brain and body. For example, I study yoga because I like the feeling of practicing it, and then I have very good mental and physical health. Painters like to learn to draw because they feel that each cell merges into the line. You join a sport, solve a puzzle, play a game because you feel interesting. I guess that is the root of the successful educational formula. Education is really just a way to ignite the flame that is available but hidden in every human being.

In class I teach Japanese students, without chairs and tables. All sitting in the yard. Teachers must learn and prepare well, trying to make every lesson fun and interesting, making children unable to notice anything else.

The second way, creating motivation from the outside is to set rules for students to follow, such as fear of punishment, naming; or even the motivation from what you will have after you do that. For example: money. A lot of people work because they don't like it for money. The basic difference is to like to do and to do.

Studying in Vietnam is almost all "must", not "like". I guess this happens to both students and teachers. I taught at a secondary school in Ho Chi Minh City. It is difficult, students do not want to learn, it is difficult to concentrate. I have to study and "act" a lot to get their attention.

The problem is long term, when a lesson has to follow the rules, it's not interesting. As in the education method here, students are more likely to lose motivation, distraction, and discipline. Teachers must try their best to keep their students focused and will eventually burn out. If they still have to work for the money, then they will stop loving the work, feel miserable, even hate what they do.

Yesterday I read the story of teacher Nguyen Thi Minh Huong and many other teachers. They not only gave orders to the students, they also forced the students to drink rags.

Young people are a mess. Anyone who has ever been younger remembers that they haven't learned how to focus well and very rarely does anyone know how to manage themselves better (actually a lot of adults don't know it).

When going to school, many people are thinking that they just need to sit well, listen to the teacher, load a lot of information into the head, and even memorize all the lessons assigned by their teachers is no problem. The reality is different, really today, it is very difficult for students to concentrate and learn well because their heads think many things: problems about puberty, love, family, finance, friends, future in When thousands of things on the Internet, advertising always invites. A lot of things are trying to grab their focus. I mean, studying is now harder than it used to be.

Yesterday I also saw a lot of people blaming and accusing Ms. Huong. It is true that she did an awful act. But aside from that mistake, I think this is a good opportunity for us to understand more about the environment that made her so.

In Vietnam, it is clear that this system has problems from deep roots. To see why Teacher Huong made a mistake, we have to see their environment first. Studies on prisoners and guards show that prison guards also feel they are prisoners at the prison, because of their environmental impact.

Schools in Vietnam are still designed in a very old way, very good for working at the factory, but destroying creativity. Especially the way of teaching memorizing, then forget it all after that.

This mistake, the education system must be responsible. In order to teach students well, the designer of the system, the teachers must be good first, so that they follow him. When I live a short life, of course, what I do will cause consequences.

In an environment where everything goes wrong, it is very difficult to live if you are not like them. I used to work for a school in Vietnam, so hard. That is why I love Vietnamese teachers. They must try to teach a class of students who lack discipline, pay low wages. And sometimes they can't stand it, it's very easy to go crazy.

In my eyes, Vietnamese education lacks many things: other curriculum, smaller classes, fewer students, more effective teachers ... Vietnamese education does not just need money. It is emptied in the position of designers, school administrators and teachers, who are not damaged.

Jesse Peterson (Originally in Vietnamese)